Monday, 27 June 2011

Til Death Do Us Part

Two years ago today was the very best day of my life - it was when Mr Biddle and I tied the knot. Two years ago today was when we created a brand new family. Two years ago today was the first day of the rest of our lives. And every day since then I've thanked my lucky stars to have found the person who makes life sweeter, happier, more full of adventure and fun and love than I could ever have imagined.
Wooden Wedding Figurines by
Our engagement took place at the top of the tower of Southwark Cathedral in London as it's where Mr B was working as a singer at the time. And six months later, on a boiling hot day, to the sounds of gorgeous choral music and the applause of tourists in Borough Market, it's where we took our vows. The groom wore a pale blue suit from Ted Baker with a floral Liberty print tie and Marc Wallace shirt. I wore a 50s style short wedding dress by Dolly Couture (the 'Milan' style) with a cathedral length veil (well we were in a cathedral!), pink peep toe heels and a bouquet of pink peonies.
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After Pimms and ice creams in the cathedral courtyard, guests followed hand drawn maps and walked along London's famous Southbank with us, over Tower Bridge and through St Katherine's Dock to arrive at the faded, vintage glory that is Wilton's Music Hall.
Map illustrated by
The world's oldest surviving music hall, Wilton's is a majestic, dilapidated masterpiece hidden away in the East End. The paint is crumbling off the walls and it was truly magical for our reception covered in festoons and fairy lights.
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I made mismatching table runners in pink and mint florals to match the 50s bridesmaid dresses from Vivien of Holloway. We bought pink peonies and roses from the New Covent Garden flower market which we displayed in a variety of jam jars collected by friends over the previous few months. Place names were written onto small manilla envelopes which we stamped with vintage butterfly and aeroplane images and filled with homemade pin badges, favourite recipes and poems written by Mr B. And dessert was a table of cakes - we asked our nearest and dearest to bake their speciality and ended up with a table of the most yummy sweet treats.
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Speeches and dinner were followed by entertainments hour - singing friends of Mr B sang a set of acapella barbers shop songs. Then our theatre friends performed a specially written comedy play enacting the story of our romance before we all had a good old sing around the piano and danced the night away. 
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It truly was the most incredible day - surrounded by our friends and family, overwhelmed by love and starting as we meant to go on. And everyday since has been touched by that magic too. I love you Mr Biddle. Happy anniversary.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Lotta Love

I'd been coveting a pair of Swedish Hasbeens clogs for a little while - I love how Seventies-esque they are, like looking at an old sepia coloured photograph with rounded corners. But at £100 even in the sale, I couldn't really justify buying a pair. And then I found Lotta.

Lotta from Stockholm are a small UK company run by husband and wife team Lotta and Jonny who sell gorgeous clogs online and also at Portobello Market. Their clogs are exactly like the Hasbeens but at a third of the price. Hoorah! Plus the duo are lovely, sending personal emails to customers, and they are very swift on delivery. Hoorah again!

I bought a pair of The Braids in red and I love them. They're adding a hint of glamour to my post-partum wardrobe and they are super comfy too. I'm hooked and think I might need to buy more - loving the tan and natural cream versions too.

Monday, 20 June 2011

I Pin. Do you?

For years I've torn images, articles and recipes out of newspaper which I've filed away in plastic folders. And more recently I've created folder after folder on my computer to store inspiring images and tutorials to refer back to for theatre, craft, and shopping projects. So I was delighted to discover Pinterest. You may have already discovered this fabulous website for yourself, but if you're a visual magpie like me, you won't be disappointed. It's the online equivalent of creating files on your computer to store images, recipes, etc, and you can then share them with others. When you join, you download a 'Pin It' button onto your bookmark bar so that every time you see an image on the net that you like, you click the button and it saves the image and the location to one of your folders. Brilliant. 

Here's a screen grab of my Pinterest page which you can view properly at

Monday, 13 June 2011

Embroidery Transfer Tutorial ... the Mrs Biddle way!

I've been really getting into my embroidery over the last couple of months and thoroughly enjoying it. I've been turning lots of my sister's illustrations into needle art, and this is how I transfer the images onto the fabric. Now, I know there are iron on transfer pencils you can buy - in fact, I own one - and I'm sure there are lots of other better methods out there for transferring images. But this is how I've been doing it and it works for me!

What you need

  • The image you want to transfer
  • Grease proof paper (dead cheap and can cut to the right size) or tracing paper
  • Fabric Pencil, sharpened. I find my blue one works best as the pink one is too faint.
  • Normal Pencil, sharpened
  • Fabric
  • Two pins

one. Place the grease proof paper over your image and trace your image using the normal pencil.

two. Turn your grease proof paper over and re-trace the image with the fabric pencil.

three. Turn the grease proof paper over again and pin to your fabric. Retrace the image for a third time, redrawing over your original pencil lines. This will impress the fabric pencil onto the fabric.

four. You're ready to start embroidering. Simple. Of course, if you printed out your image in negative, then you could cut out stage one of this process too.

Friday, 10 June 2011

More Mollie Makes

I was very happy to receive Issue 2 of Mollie Makes through the post. I'm saving it to keep me entertained during a night feed. And very excited that there's an article all about 'crafty Bath' - hoping I'll learn of some new creative haunts in our home city.

Also, check out their website for the adorable youtube advert for the magazine - really cute and the City of Bath looks gorgeous in it.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A New Arrival

After all that waiting, I am delighted to introduce to the world and the blogosphere, our Little Lion. He arrived on Wednesday weighing a hearty 8lb 10oz and he's perfect. You can probably guess his name from the title of my baby blog!

I'll be blogging again soon - still lots of crafts and projects to share with you from my period of waiting. And it was well worth the wait as Mr B and I are completely in love with him.